Team Ico Will Blow Out Coverage On The Last Guardian This Year.

Fumito Ueda and his pals at Team Ico are to blow the doors of The Last Guardian at some point this year — the type of video game no other company can match. Microsoft may have Master Chief and the frat boys of Gears Of War, but Sony have a boy and his giant cat-bird thing. Could the differences be any more apparent?

Ueda mentioned there would be a big blow-out on the game at some point, though he was coy whether that would be at E3 or TGS. We'd imagine there'll be something on the game at both events.

Ueda also mentioned that he's feeling much more pressure these days, due to the excitement generated from the game - particularly in the West.

Ueda also announced that the game's main character, the Toriko bird-cat thing, will run off the physics engine, essentially ensuring they can get the animal's movements natural and believable.

This game is going to be phenomenal. If you somehow missed the E3 trailer, catch it after the jump.