Metro 2033 Is Not Coming To The Playstation 3 Due To "Business Reasons".

In an interview with VG247 he cites "business reasons" for the decision, but explains that there is no reason why the game couldn't come to PS3.

He said:
“That’s probably more of a business decision, and one that I wasn’t part of when I was at THQ.

“The studio architect of the 4A engine did a lot of the initial work on the PS3 first, just to get to grips with the architecture.

“A lot of the early prototypes you saw were of the PC version… You’d probably have to ask someone up in senior THQ finance to find out why we didn’t greenlight a PS3 version at the time, but there’s no reason why the engine wouldn’t work on PS3.”</blockquote>

Baynon later added that 4A Games now have the PS3 architecture in place, so any future titles developed by them will see release on the Playstation 3 too. Which is nice to know. Whether we get a port of Metro 2033 down the line will probably depend on how well the game is received on PC and XBOX 360.