SCE... Now Known As, Erm, SNE.

But what we understand is that Sony Computer Entertainment will become SNE, then the Playstation business will be separated back out into a new company called, erm, Sony Computer Entertainment. Ridiculous, right? That's what appears to be the case, though — meaning Playstation is still all about SCE, SCEE, SCEJ, and SCEA.</em>

Sony Computer Entertainment Presents. It's a phrase that's fond to all of us, right from the very earliest of our Playstation memories. But, indeed, it seems the phrase is to die a dirty death. That's right folks, we're not sure if it's an early April fools joke or not, but SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) will now be known as, erm, SNE.

Nobody actually knows what SNE stands for (though it's assumed it's Sony Networked Entertainment), but it's all to do with Sony's united-device vision which was announced last year. For those not quite in the know, Sony want to reward brand loyalty by introducing a united service between all of their products. So for example, if you have a Bravia connected to the 'net, then you should be able to access the Playstation Video Store from your Bravia, and use money in your PSN wallet to stream a film, without ever needing to switch on your PS3 or PSP.

Playstation's Kaz Hirai will be fronting the new division. We still hate the name.