Heavy Rain A Gamble? Duh.

The latest game from David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream dares to think outside the box. In that, it's a huge gamble for publishers Sony, but one they are giving their full support.

Product manager Lucy Duncan told CVG:
“Being Sony, I suppose we have a little more luxury to take a gamble on more original and innovative IP – and Heavy Rain definitely fits that category.

“I suppose the risk is lessened if you have faith in the team behind the game and David [Cage] and Guillaume [de Fondaumiere] and the guys at Quantic Dream have really impressed, not just in terms of their back catalogue – Fahrenheit – but also in terms of the tech demos they showed in the run up to Heavy Rain.”</blockquote>

<span>Heavy Rain has already scooped a couple of 9/10's. Looks like the gamble is set to pay off.