Jack Tretton Is The Best Exec In Corporate History. Fact.

The post came hours after the NPD report, which saw solid figures for Playstation 3, but the XBOX 360 and Wii still some way in front.

Despite that, Tretton was quick to point out the positives: PS3 saw a 33% growth year on year this month, as well as pushing nearly 3 million sales for Naughty Dog's excellent Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
“According to NPD’s recent Top Global Markets report, PlayStation was the only company to see consumers in three territories (UK, US and Japan) spending 15% more on PS3 software in 2009 than they did in 2008 – this is while the category as a whole experienced a 9% decline in software sales,” said Tretton.

“The PS3 was also the only console in the U.S. to see double-digit growth in sales this past quarter. December also marked the best sales month in the platform’s history, breaking one million hardware units and 7.3 million software units.

“We’re nowhere near slowing down in the new year as today’s NPD numbers show a 36% sales increase on PS3 hardware when compared to last January. This is truly remarkable given the tight inventory we’ve been experiencing as a result of high consumer demand since last Fall.

“Games like UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves are surpassing our lofty expectations as it outsold the franchise’s first PS3 game and is now closing in on three million copies sold worldwide. Over half a million of you have already chosen your allegiance in MAG, and have played over 270,000 games in the Shadow War.”</blockquote>

It's obviously all corporate spin, but it's worth remembering there are positives for Playstation right now, especially after a blazing year which saw Sony effectively relaunch the Playstation platform. Things can only get better.