Eeee, Dead Space: Extraction Could Be Coming To The PSN.

Most interestingly so, one rumoured title is Dead Space: Extraction, last year's Wii shooter that sold all of five copies worldwide.

A survey forwarded to the video games blog hints at the same "guided first-person experience" that hit the Wii, but in "full HD", with a tentative price of $15. The survey received by Kotaku seems to be aimed at gauging interest for the products, so allow us to be the first to respond: YES PLEASE.

A second Dead Space product is hinted by the survey too. Entitled Planet Cracker, it's described as a “resource strategy game where players will manage a CEC Mining operation”. Apparently, in-game achievements will allow you to fatten up your resources in the full version of Dead Space 2 when it launches.

Awesome. Properly awesome.