EA's Announced It's Release Schedule For The Next 12 Months.

Amongst the big Summer titles, EA's announced that their big, futuristic reboot Medal Of Honor is due between July and September 2010. That means you can expect a huge push at this year's E3.

Medal Of Honor will be followed by another huge EA shooter, as Crysis 2 is due to release in the October-December window, alongside a new entry in the Need For Speed franchise, presumably the one being handled by Burnout developers Criterion.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, EA's detailed that Dead Space 2 will launch in Q1 of 2011 alongside a slew of unconfirmed titles, including a new Dragon Age title, a Shooter from Epic, and an unconfirmed Need For Speed title. We're thinking Need For Speed Shift 2.

Phew. So you can basically assume that even if you just buy EA games over the next 12 months, you're going to be broke. There's a lot of cool stuff there.

What are you most excited for?