Half-Minute Hero on Playstation Portable Hands-On Impressions.

The most off-putting thing about any RPG is the blank canvas at the start. A mountain of literature and 50 hours of your life lay in front of you, and you ask yourself "Is this going to be worth it?" Half-Minute Hero does away with the doubt, condensing each "universe" into 30-seconds.

A cross between an early Final Fantasy and WarioWare, Half-Minute Hero pitches you as the craftily name protagonist "Hero", and leaves you with 30-seconds to complete each of the game's mini-campaigns. Creative? Yes. Brilliant? Absolutely.

Leaving you with 30 seconds to complete all of the staples of a traditional RPG is not just fantastic, it's ingenious. You'll be required to level-up, grind, shop, kill the antagonist and (probably)  get the girl in under 30-seconds. Set to an NES aesthetic, and a chipy chip-tune soundtrack, Half-Minute Hero plays almost like a puzzle-game, requiring precise delegation of your time to complete its various scenarios.

With enough variety in the final-product, Half-Minute Hero could go on to become one of this year's sleeper hits.

Look out for a full review in the coming weeks.