Nathan Drake (Uncharted).

There have been a number of stand-out Playstation characters who define this generation of Playstation content, but we've hand-picked the cream of the crop

Those who have made the list represent exceptional character design, and go some way to defining the Playstation 3's line-up thus far.

Nathan Drake (Uncharted): Perhaps the most believable character in video games to date, Nathan Drake epitomises the role of any great movie protagonist. Except he's a video game character. Unheard of.

GIRL (Noby Noby Boy): Proving that creative risks can be taken via cheaply developed downloadable titles, Noby Noby Boy's outlandish revolving the length of GIRL (to unlock new levels) is a defining moment in the PS3's lifespan thus far.

Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet): The face of Sony's most inventive Playstation 3 title to date, Sackboy gave an identity to Media Molecules whimsical create-your-own-level platformer.

GIRL (Noby Noby Boy).

Madison Paige (Heavy Rain): Pushing the boundaries of story-telling in video games, Heavy Rain's lead female Madison Paige explores sexuality in video games like few others have dared to tread.

Cole McGrath (inFamous): Cole's certainly not Playstation's most iconic character. Yet. inFamous was such a break-out, left-field hit for developers Sucker Punch, we can't help but feel there's a huge future for Cole McGrath just yet, making him worthy of a place on this list.