Mass Effect Is Coming To The Playstation 3 In Some Form. It Has To.

Naturally this brought up a whole host of rumours that Bioware had a PS3 version of the game running somewhere, and it was only a matter of time before one of the year's highest rated games hit Sony's machine. Bioware were quick to dispell the myths, reiterating the game as "PC and XBOX 360 only." Does it really make sense for the franchise to stay that way though?

Whether or not Mass Effect or its sequel comes to the Playstation 3 at this point is irrelevent in my eyes. I still pertain that a blu-ray double-pack will launch for $60, featuring both iterations of the Mass Effect universe. But it's a debated point at the moment. Some people argue a Mass Effect "spin-off" title will come to the Playstation 3. I'm not sure I agree with that debate, but I do firmly believe that Mass Effect will come to the Playstation 3 in some form. And this year too.

If you look at the way EA marketed Mass Effect 2, their campaign oozed support for the franchise. Make no denial, EA want this franchise to be a mega-hit. Why would they deny a further million copies of their game going out to a new market in the interest of console exclusivity?

Sure, some people make the argument that Microsoft may have paid for exclusivity. After all, they published the first Mass Effect title. But EA own the IP, and thus, while I'm unaware of the specifics of the contract, I'd imagine EA are free to do with the franchise as they wish. EA accepting a back-hander to keep console exclusivity just doesn't make sense to me.

Perhaps Microsoft could match the potential profits generated from a PS3 version of the game to keep Sony from releasing it. But think of what comes with a game release: magazine covers, adverts, promotions, hype, speculation. All of these things Microsoft's money can't buy, and they'd all be generated by a PS3 release of the Mass Effect franchise. Not only that, Microsoft's money can't buy expanded awareness and a deeper fanbase. If one million people bought Mass Effect on the PS3, that's presumably another one million to hook into the fiction and to market Mass Effect 3 at. It makes Mass Effect a bigger franchise. More sales of the books, action figures, and paraphernalia. Why deny that?

And that's why I think the game absolutely has to come to the Playstation 3 at some point. At this point, we can speculate in what form until the cows call home. We're not going to hit the money until an announcement. But you know what, I bet you the Mass Effect franchise comes to Playstation 3 this year.

Set your bookmarks to this page if you want to prove me wrong, but you're not going to.

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