First-Time Fantasy: "Twiggy" Plays Final Fantasy VII For The First-Time.

Join him as he catalogues his progress but beware, if you’re still planning on playing through Final Fantasy VII for yourself, there are spoilers ahead.</em>

If I didn't know any better at this stage, I'd say Sephiroth likes reading books. He's in the basement of the Shinra's mansion, frantically flipping through the pages of hardback after hardback. He's searching for the truth. The truth about his mother. The truth about his life. He seems distant. I approach him, ask him what's what, but he sends me away. He's different.

I sleep on it. Things will look different in the morning, Sephiroth will have time to get used to the fact he's been, presumably, manufactured. Everything looks better in the morning.

Except, perhaps this time. "Sephiroth's worsened," a SOLDIER nobody informs me. I rush down the stairs. Sephiroth seems mad, confused, dazed. Something's not right. He turns to and exclaims, "Traitor." I don't know what to say, what to respond. He stares at me and leaves the building. I rush after him.

Sephiroth's in no fit — state. Nibelheim? Fire. Ruined. Gone. So this is what Sephiroth is capable of. This was of course many years ago. But now I understand the threat, the reason perhaps it's bad that Sephiroth is back.

Alas, there's no time to waste. I gotta cross the murky waters upon the back of a Chocobo. That means a trip to Chocobo farm. The music is just delightful here, and I'm pleasantly surprised to sit through a Warking display of the Chocobo's latest grooves. Apparently, I'm going to have to catch my own though. Can you believe the cheek?

I head out into the fields where the Chocobo's live and eventually (I'm talking like 3 hours later) figure out how to catch a bird-like mite. I head for the near murky water, and cross it, avoiding the serpent whom lurks below.

The Turks await me in a cave just a little ahead. Tseng and Rude let on that Sephiroth has been spotted at the nearby port of Junon.

I head straight there.