Would You Kindly Spend More Money On Bioshock 2?

And while the first batch is totally all about the multiplayer, 2K's promised there is single-player DLC incoming too. 2K described the "on-the-horizon" single-player pack as a means to provide “more narrative, new tools and new challenges that extend the lore and fiction of the failed Utopia under the sea".


But let's stick to the here and now. 2K's announced a multiplayer pack for next month entitled the "Sinclair Solutions Test Pack". It'll cost £3.19 and will add the following to your Bioshock 2 multiplayer experience (ta VG247).

  • Level cap increased in multiplayer to Level 50 with rank rewards
  • New playable characters: Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca
  • 20 new trials
  • A third weapon upgrade for each weapon
  • Five additional masks

We dunno if you heard but, yo, Bioshock 2's multiplayer is rad. So this is semi-tempting.