Sony: Last Of The Big Spenders. (That TV Is Huge By The Way).

When the hell are Sony going to have their big reveal for the peripheral? It's due out in Spring, which would be ahead of E3, and assuming it hits shelves later than suggested, if it's still coming this year Sony have to blow the doors off soon. Surely?

Well hey, guess what, it's CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) this week. Duh-duh-duhhh - while we have absolutely nothing to go on, we're going to go out on a limb and say that the big Playstation related Sony announcement at CES will be the Playstation Motion Controller.

Photos that popped up on Playstation Lifestyle indicate huge presence from Sony in general, and while much of that presence is unlikely to go strictly to the Playstation 3, we'd hazard the Motion Controller will be there.

The show kicks off this week. We'll keep you posted for sure.