PushSquare's Playstation Pick Of The Week: Bayonetta.

And that means now all the Christmas lark is out of the way, new games are being released. Actual video games. Y'know, that you can buy. Here's what's hot this week.

PushSquare's Playstation Pick Of The Week: Bayonetta [EU/US]

Apparently the Playstation 3 version's not quite up to snuff, but for what it's worth, the sections we've played seem fine. And crazy. Really crazy. Remember: this is a game about a hard woman who kills people with her hair. Her hair is also her clothes. Bonkers.


Darksiders is apparently one-part God Of War, three-parts Zelda; 'nuff said? Borderlands' second DLC pack Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot hits the Playstation Store this week.

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