We Take A Look At Some Playstation Predictions For 2010.

It's 2010, and if you can take a break from riding your hover-boards through neon-futuristic skylines, perhaps you'd like to read our thoughts on the year ahead, and what it means for Sony and, most importantly, the Playstation. With our thinking caps firmly on, here's our list of predictions for the year ahead.

Twisted Metal Announced At GDC; Killzone 3 & inFamous 2 Trailered At E3; Resistance 3 Demoed

We know that God Of War's creator, David Jaffe, is working on something. We can be pretty sure it's Twisted Metal. What we don't know is anything else. At this point it would be a total shock if David Jaffe announced anything other than Twisted Metal. But, let's assume for a second the game is Twisted Metal - what can we expect? We reckon open-world, with hooks into a giant online lobby. Almost MMO-esque seems the territory Jaffe might tread with a next-gen Twisted Metal. We also expect it will get announced sooner, rather than later. GDC seems like a probable venue.

We Reckon You'll Be Playing As These Guys In Killzone 3.

As for the return of other Playstation franchises, we whole-heartedly expect to see appearances from Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 at this year's E3. Both are likely to receive a trailer at the event, if not gameplay reveals. We expect Killzone 3 to build on the amazing visual prowess of the first game, with much more focus on pacing and plot this time around. We wouldn't be surprised if the story is told from the Helghast's point of view. As for inFamous 2 - bigger, better and more badass would probably suffice for one of Playstation's newest, and biggest franchises.

And, obviously, don't rule out Resistance 3. Expect to see a huge boss-fight demoed on stage, with an online co-op focus to the game's entire campaign.

Motion Controller Mute

Playstation Motion Controller will likely launch in the Summer to little fan-fare. Given the levels of hype around Microsoft's Natal, and the never-ending appeal of the Wii, Sony are really going to need to bring the marketing big guns for their motion control solution. Despite having an E3 tech-demo in 2009 that was both live, varied and hugely promising; Sony's controller seems to have been brushed under the carpet.

Part of this might be due to Sony's silence on the controller, which hints that there's going to be a massive blow-out at some point in the very near future. For Sony to overcome the hype machines of their opponents, they're going to need to be priced accordingly, competitively and have a killer-app.

It'd Take One Killer-App To Push Playstation Motion Controller Into The Hands Of Millions.

Anything could happen with Playstation Motion Controller at this point. We do get the sense it's either going to be a huge success, or a terrible failure though.

The Getaway Re-emerges, Launches Fall 2010

Two of Sony's biggest titles - The Getaway and Eight Days - were tentatively put on hold in 2008, but talk from developers Studio London has recently given hope to the projects re-emerging. The Getaway seems the more likely of those projects, and we fully expect a shock announcement at E3 2010. Sony's big action game for Fall 2010 will be set in London; we're calling it.

Playstation Portable 2 Murmurings Begin

We believe 2010 will be the year we start hearing murmurings about a sequel to the PSP. Whether the system will be officially announced in 2010, we doubt, but we certainly expect to start hearing some leaks, or developers talking about the system. We're expecting a greater influence on cell-phone like "anywhere" connectivity for the PSP2, something the iPhone has popularised. And of course, there's bound to be that second analogue stick.

Studio London May Bring Back The Getaway In 2010.

Premium PSN Detailed & Launched

We're certain 2010 will see the launch of a Premium PSN service, something that doesn't gimp the current free PSN model, but enhances the experience exponentially to subscribers. Expect Sony to almost revamp the PSN feature-set sometime late in 2010, giving Premium PSN subscribers access to requested and upgraded functionality on the Playstation Network. Oh, and expect it to undercut XBOX Live.

So they are our predictions. What do you reckon's going to happen in 2010?