You Know What'd Be A Great Game To Support Playstation Motion Controller: The Legend Of Zelda. Erm.

com</a>) suggests that the Playstation Motion Controller will launch with 10 games this year. Sony delayed the controller earlier this month, and our own columnist "Twiggy" discussed the advantages of the move from Spring to Fall here.

No other details were given by the report, but "pet and sports titles" were touted. We're still hoping Sony can find a way (and perhaps a niche) to make the Motion Controller relevant to more traditional, story-based games. With Microsoft's Natal camera based solution limited to full body gestures, and Nintendo's Wii yet to showcase the real advantages of implementing motion control in a story-driven environment; we've got our fingers crossed for Sony using the pin-point accuracy of the Playstation Motion Controller in a survival horror/action adventure title.