Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Might Be A Better Video Game, But There's No Way In Hell It'll Top MW2's Sales.

Medal Of Honor is already being touted as a Call Of Duty contender; and it seems EA excpect the same from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

DICE's Robbie Bach explained to GamerZines:
“A lot of people ask us about Modern Warfare and they compare us to Modern Warfare, so when we answer questions about that it will sometimes sound like we are competing directly against them. I think a lot of people on executive levels see that as a goal, that we will beat Modern Warfare.

“To me it’s not beating, it’s showing that you can do things differently and to a high quality while delivering both a single-player and multiplayer game.

“Please go ahead and compare us but please don’t see it as the same game because we’re not trying to be that game. We’re doing Battlefield things here, we’re trying to do the game that we want to do.”</blockquote>

A demo is rumoured for release next week.