The Most Notable: SEGA Dreamcast Games We Want To See On The Playstation Store

We have a host of favourites from the Dreamcast era, but below we've listed those games that would actually pull us away from fresh PS3 releases. Do you agree/disagree? Let us know.

Shenmue II: The game that pretty much changed our lives. Not quite, but Shenmue's somewhat-janky but endearing mix of fighting and exploration wowed us; and its world is still more enjoyable than modern games of its kind.

Chu Chu Rocket: We'll take an online port of SEGA's crazy puzzle title Chu Chu Rocket every day of the week. The frantic Chu Chu Rocket was originally given away for free with the Dreamcast in an effort to push SEGA's online gaming service DreamArena. It was amazing, with some of the most fun online play we've experienced to this date.

Jet Set Radio: Packing in one of the best video game soundtracks of all time, Jet Set Radio was a graffiti 'em up with an audacious art-style that just screamed "cool." Another of our favourite games of all time.

Shenmue II Remains One Of Our Favourite Games Of All Time.

Power Stone: Capcom's "go-nuts" fighting franchise has been pretty much missing in action for a while, despite a pretty good PSP port more recently. Give us online multiplayer and we'll be hooked.

Crazy Taxi: The ultimate pick-up and play title of the early 00's; we played Crazy Taxi so much on the Dreamcast our disc eventually stopped working. Leaderboards and trophies'll do us.