Sony Pushed 3D Big At CES, But What's In It For PS3 Owners?

Now, I'm not a tech guy, so I don't really want to get bogged down with semantics and core-duo processing, but what I'd like to talk about in today's opinionator is the effect 3D may have on the Playstation 3s hardware. As PushSquare readers will know, Sony have vouched a firmware update applicable to Playstation 3 titles and blu-ray movies that will upgrade the experience into the third-dimension. But does anyone really care?

Playstation 3 already has a steady technology edge on its competition. With Motion Control on the cards, and superior graphics, blu-ray and built-in wi-fi; Sony has always touted the value-added approach with their system. And it seems that's unlikely to change with the implementation of 3D; another check on the back of the PS3s box that Sony's competitors don't have.

The question is; how much does it matter? Against other demanded firmware features such as cross-game chat and more detailed trophy tracking, do any particular Sony faithfuls find themselves longing for 3D functionality over all else?

Sony would argue the importance of 3D, but how much of the firmware implementation is to drive TV sales? With HDTV adoption rate only just steadily increasing, are we to accept a new line of technology this early, and is 3D essential?

The problem lies with the peripheral. Glasses. Suddenly a co-operative experience becomes very solitary. Playing video games is often an experience shared on the couch, with others hunched around, either playing along or watching the action unfold. With 3D, does that experience disappear? Sure, one can buy multiple sets of glasses but, what if a friend of a friend turns up? What if the glasses aren't charged? Suddenly, the technology sounds like a hassle - which is the last thing anyone wants from the entertainment devices. Complaints, complaints, and problems. 3D is clearly in its infancy and no-one truly knows the best way to approach marketing it. Yet, it's still headed to Playstation 3, and no-less, it's coming this year.

So is it an unnecessary addition? I'm torn. Despite my concerns with the tech, Sony are going to give it to me for free. They're going to stick it in my system and I never even have to touch it. To me, that's awesome. I might not buy a 3D compatible television for years, but knowing the technology is ready and waiting for me, alleviates many of my complaints in general. Maybe, one day, this tech will hit the mainstream and we'll all come around. It doesn't matter either way, because your Playstation 3 supports it.

And that's kinda how I feel about a lot of functionality on the PS3. There's Playstation Home. I don't use it but, hey, awesome. If I want to, I can. There's the photo gallery. There's the video store. Playstation 3 is rammed with neat little features that might just make you take your system beyond the games. It doesn't matter if they're not for everyone, it matters that the Playstation 3 can do the things you want it to. Sure 3D might be some way of mainstream acceptance, but hey, your Playstation 3's going to do it. Ignore it if you don't care. Buy into it if you're an early adopter and want to show off.

The feature's unlikely to shift PS3s. But it's sure as hell likely to please someone, no matter how niche.

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