Army Of Two: The 40th Day on Playstation 3 Multiplayer Impressions.

Firstly, through the magic of the Internet, you'll be able to create your own Army Of Two flavoured mask via and take your personal creation online. It's a gimmicky idea, but it helps give your character personality and thus is worthy of mention.

Secondly, is the introduction of co-operative deathmatch. Here, your standard deathmatch fare will be playable in pairs, meaning you'll need to use many strategies from the main game to succeed online. Players are advised to stick together on the game's tight, corridor-based maps and work as a team for success. You'll be able to revive your downed partner, and cover each other's "6" to ensure success. Frags earn points which are shared across the duo, with bonus points awarded for downing a partnership.

Fascinatingly, outside of co-operative deathmatch (and the bland capture point mode Control), the main attraction, Extraction, is locked to those with a pre-order voucher. We assume the mode will unlock for everyone in the coming weeks, but it does seem like an unusual choice on EA's part.

Netcode is pretty snappy, with lobby support available and some decent match-making code. We did notice that matches can be a little laggy in the first few moments, while the assets of the map fully load.

Aside from the co-operative deathmatch though, everything is rather standard fare for a shooter in the post-Call Of Duty world. If you have friends playing the game, you're likely to have most fun playing through the single-player campaign together. As for Extraction, well we'd comment on it if we could play it.