Bioware Have A Few Playstation 3 Projects In The Works.

Not because we want the PC/XBOX 360 title to fail; but because we know we're not going to be able to play it on PS3. Yet.

Still, with EA owning all publishing rights for the Mass Effect IP, we can always pray that a port of both the original game and its sequel will arrive on Sony's black behemoth at some point.

Lending hope to our prayers, Bioware's Ray Muzyka has confirmed that his company have Playstation 3 projects in development via a webchat on Eurogamer.
“I can say that we’ve got a few titles in development for PS3 right now, as well as a few for 360, across the studios I manage. But I won’t say what they are, since not all of them have been announced yet,” he said.

“Dragon Age was our first title for PS3, and it’s done really well. PS3 is a great system and we enjoy developing for it, much as we enjoy developing for 360 and PC and other platforms."</blockquote>

Please be Mass Effect. Please be Mass Effect.