Sony's John Koller Reckons The Playstation Motion Controller Launch Is Going To Be "Really Exciting".

The project is still due for release this coming Spring and all we've really seen is an (impressive) tech demo at E3.

Word from Sony's John Koller in an interview with GamePro suggests Sony have plenty to show though. And in that regard, it's kinda nice that we're still in the dark about Playstation Motion Controller. Because it'll be all the more exciting.

Koller mentions in the interview that the controller is going to really benefit shooters, sports and family games and that Sony are looking into a "wide variety of genres to utilize the technology".
"[They] are going to be the areas that will really define success, because they're areas that quite honestly, I think Project Natal and the Wii are going to have trouble matching, from a differentiation standpoint. We look at motion control as being that much more than what exists on the market. The Holy Grail of gaming is placing you as a consumer into the game physically. When we provide further details, people will see exactly where we're going, not only from a technological standpoint on the hardware, but also where the gameplay is transitioning. It's going to be a really exciting launch."</blockquote>

We can't help but feel that Sony are waiting to drop the bomb on Motion Controller content in the new year, when we'll get a name, price, release date and, most importantly, software details.

Check out the full interview for Koller's stance on the still incredibly strong sales of Playstation 2 and the future of the brand.