EA Are Set To Lower Their Output & Put Greater Influence On Quality.

A lot of games. But with recent disruptions in the work-place, their output is set to change. EA's boss, John Riccitiello told Reuters that "quality" is increasingly the focus for EA, announcing plans to release just 40 games next year compared to the 60 in 2008. Furthermore, Riccitiello also predicted that online sales will account for 40% of video game revenue in 2010.
“We’re the world’s leader in packaged goods games, we make more of them than anybody,” he said. “We’re not suggesting that business is going away … (but) there’s this other thing that’s growing.

“It’s our goal for that business to be as important as, and over time maybe more important than, our packaged goods business.”</blockquote>

You can read more over at Reuters.