The Site's Still Available For You Peruse. We Just Can't Get To It Ourselves.

Yes, library. Since last night, the PushSquare office has been aflame with computer errors, crashes and viruses. This is bad news because it means we can't load up Firefox for long enough to tell you about amazing Playstation games. Boo!

After many hours, braving the storms of computer code, the PushSquare technicians (i.e. Sammy) decided it was time to call in the experts. Hence, the entirety of our computer system currently lies in tatters on the floor of computer repairs shop - with smarter people than us presumably hosing down the flames of what remains of our once wonderful components.

Unfortunately, such is the magnitude of their task, this means that we don't have any access to writing about amazing Playstation games. Hence us being in the local library. We knew our Business Studies teacher taught us about "contingency planning" for a reason.

Alas, while the system is being repaired, we'll obviously still be working hard on Playstation related material. So, while there will be no visible updates over the next 100 hours or so, you can rest assured that we'll be back with a bang.

In order to tide you over until our amazingly important return, please enjoy the following micro-reviews:

Hopefully you can appreciate, and chuckle, at our dire situation. See you on the other side of this terrible scenario.

Reassuring comments: welcome. Laughing at our misfortune: not welcome.

Sammy. [dude what writes stuff here]