flower Is About An Innovative Experience As We've Seen On Playstation Thus Far.

Of course, we'll always see sequels to popular Playstation franchises, but more than any other publisher this generation, Sony has also championed new IP in the likes of the Uncharted, Resistance and Motorstorm franchises.

SCEE's vice president, Michael Denny thinks new IP is massively important in today's gaming industry, stating at the Develop conference in Liverpool today, "We must support new IP creation to survive as an industry. Consumers crave new things. If we want to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we need to promote new ideas.”

“New IP truly is the lifeblood of the industry,” he continued. Denny went on to champion new Sony published projects such as Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, a quantum leap away from anything else we've seen in video games. “We try not to be too prescriptive. Clearly, issuing guidelines is a good thing, but we always want to leave room for disruptive titles.”

He concluded that "passion" is the key ingredient to success, something SCE seem to have in abundance going by recent months' performances.