Now Sony has announced it on the Playstation.Blog. Firmware 3.10 is "coming soon" and will include full Facebook integration. Given this is a feature Microsoft has been touting as a "system-seller" for the XBOX 360 over the past few months, it must be a kick in the teeth that Sony announce the functionality just as they launch it.

The Firmware 3.10 update will be able to send trophy and PSN purchase data to the wall of those users who've setup the Facebook integration. More interestingly, developers will be able to utilise new tools in their games to send more information about games to the Facebook wall. This functionality can be patched into existing games.

Oh, and the friends list is getting less ugly too. Check out Sony's Eric Lempel walking you through all the firmware 3.10 features in the video embedded above. Still no cross-game chat, but it has to be coming right?