Sony Seem Confident That The Playstation Motion Controller Will Deliver Core Experiences.

In an interview with, Denny said of the Playstation Motion Controller: “The motion control system we’re putting in place going forward is we’re treating as more of a platform."

“You’re right that here in Europe we have a lot of experience helping develop the peripherals for our social games but we see the motion control solution and experience as being broader than that.”

Denny was adamant in insisting that Playstation Motion Controller won't just be about casual games, a philosophy Sony have stuck with ever since the controller's announcement.

“We do believe it can come into a core experience as well,” Denny added. “The development of motion control software and games is a worldwide venture for us.”

Interesting. Surely Sony have to show this stuff at some point, though? We assume we'll see it in the new year.