Andrew House Is Obviously Feeling Confident About Sony's Position.

We've seen rather steady dominance for the Sony platforms over the past 3 or 4 months in the Playstation's homeland, and even a hint of celebration in the US; the Sony swagger is back. And that means Andrew House, Sony Europes head-honcho, can start talking about the competition again.
"I think at a time when we're seeing one of the major competitors somewhat losing a sense of momentum - at least in many of the markets I've looked at - it's gratifying to see a platform that's always had a very significant share of sales go to third party publishers capture that momentum again", he told

"The knock-on effect can only be a positive one if publishers are making up 75 per cent of the sales on a particular platform, as opposed to a much smaller share elsewhere, then that's the platform I think it's in their interests to see succeed - and I think that's the dynamic we're seeing return right now."</blockquote>

But which competing platform in particular is House discussing? "From data that we're starting to see, in some of the publicly-released figures, we're seeing a significant year-on-year downturn for the Wii. I think that's just a factor of this Holiday season."

We don't want to take anything House said here out of context, but sometimes, we do kinda wish the Sony execs would stick to talking about the Playstation platforms.