Hello, Sillyville. Modern Warfare 2 Sells Huge.

Big numbers in fact, in relation to Modern Warfare 2. He wants to talk a whopping 7million — which he reckons is just how many copies Modern Warfare 2 sold on day-one worldwide. We already know of the 1.23 million sold in the UK, so those worldwide estimates certainly don't seem far off the boil. If that's correct, Modern Warfare 2 would have doubled Grand Theft Auto IV's previous sales record (3.6million).
"With GTA IV selling-through 6m units worldwide in its first week," Schachter said, "that suggests week one of Modern Warfare 2 worldwide sell-through could approximate ~11.7mm. While 2x the week one tally for GTA IV may seem aggressive, the bottom line is that we believe current consensus estimates of around 12mm for the December quarter may end up being conservative."</blockquote>

What's going to be really interesting is seeing where the PS3/XBOX 360 divide lies. Microsoft will have hoped to have obliterated Sony with their SKU of the game, but, we'll see. We still expect the XBOX 360 version to be faraway the most popular, but we don't think the difference is going to be as big as some expect.