Modern Warfare 2's DLC Will Probably Make Lots Of Money. Probably.

It smashed loads of sales records in, like, 24 hours and will probably remain one of the most played Playstation games until 2010. So, it's inevitable to think that DLC for one of the most popular games of year could spin a whole pile of cash.

That's absolutely something that Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter reckons. He told IndustryGamers that Infinity Ward could make anywhere upwards of $100-140 million in revenue next year just from DLC. He bases his estimate on the adoption rate of DLC for previous Call Of Duty title, World At War, which sold roughly 0.625 DLC packs per copy sold. The theory goes that at $10 each, every copy of World At War made an additional $6.25 post release.

Thus, assuming there are 14-16 million copies of Modern Warfare 2 in homes by the time Infinity Ward drop some DLC, revenue could be anywhere up to $140million. Crazy.