Fumito Ueda Believes This Generation Of Consoles Is All About Expressing Ideas.

The man behind Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico, Fumito Ueda, is currently working on The Last Guardian. And speaking to Famitsu, Ueda has confirmed his ideal that "this generation is about expressing ideas".
“As a creator, technical skill is important, but I really feel like this generation is about expressing ideas, about what you do with the technology.

“I also got the impression that, instead of talking about what makes games innovative and so on, a lot of companies were pushing Western titles hard, positioning them as a new ‘genre’ for gamers to try out.”</blockquote>

Interestingly, Ueda also admitted to being excited by Modern Warfare 2.
“It’s one of the few games, I think, that conjures up what’s going outside of the picture in your mind as well. I feel a serious sublime beauty in all of Infinity Ward’s FPSes.”</blockquote>

We can't wait to hear more about The Last Guardian.