Jack Tretton Is Definitely The Best Company Exec In Video Games. Sorry Reggie!

And get things done his company have; with a fresh image, massively improved marketing, and the biggest holiday line-up in the console war this holiday, Playstation 3 is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Sales are up by enormous numbers globally and Jack Tretton is pretty damn pleased with himself.
“Skyrocketing sales, couldn’t be happier with the numbers that we’re seeing, and I think proof that there was tremendous consumer demand, they were just waiting for the price-point to come down.”</blockquote>

At this point, Sony can't afford to ease off the pace. Completely remarketing the Playstation 3 has been a stroke of genius for all involved at the company — and with a lineup including a God Of War game and a Gran Turismo in 2010, Sony must be feeling pretty buoyant about the future. No doubt Jack Tretton will be hammering his employees — "More of the same, please."