Consider That A Resistance 3 On The Cards.

... And if you don't, we don't want to hear your calls of inferiority, because we're right and you're wrong... Err. Ok, maybe not. You're entitled to your opinion. But just know ours: we like Resistance.

So imagine our excitement when we saw this, a gigantic Resistance 3 banner that's popped up on NeoGAF. The picture was snapped in Shreveport, Louisiana. According to NeoGAF user GoldSoundz the spot is a popular place for film shoots, and that the ad is to be incorporated into upcoming 2011 movie Battle: Los Angeles.

It's certainly possible that a new Resistance game will be on the cards by the time the movie releases. So take that as Resistance 3 announced.

We wouldn't be surprised if there's a tease at the end of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time.