Gran Turismo 5 Might Come Out Next Year. Maybe. It's Been Announced But, We'll See.

It's been five years Yamauchi! That's a crazy long time in the entertainment business. We're still actually worried whether Gran Turismo 5 will have moved on with the times — after all, it's very possible Gran Turismo 5 could end up being an old game with five years worth of polish. A scary thought — we'll choose to trust Polyphony head Kaz Yamauchi and his team.

Alas, he has conceded the pressure to get Gran Turismo 5 out of the door has been pretty intense. At least someone's been trying to rush him. Speaking with Meristation, Yamauchi said of publisher Sony, "[They've] not [pressured us] in terms of content, but [...] the delivery dates are sometimes difficult to bear."

But Kaz you've had five years! No other publisher would ever allow that. Seriously.