Michael Pachter - Wrong Again?

As usual, his predictions side in Microsoft's favour, but without shouting bias — we assume as Playstation fans we're all used to that from Pachter.

When guaging the prices of Sony and Microsoft's new motion control tech; Pachter has confirmed that he thinks Microsoft's Natal will cost just $50, with the Playstation Motion Controller at $100. Pachter reasons that price will be the biggest selling point of Natal and thus will launch cheaply. The Playstation Motion Controller on the other hand is "trying to create an answer to the success of the Wii." Wasn't part of the success of the Wii its low price Michael? As far as we're aware Microsoft's Natal is absolutely packed with complicated technology, whereas the Playstation Motion Controller is not. Of course it's totally possible that Microsoft will be willing to lose hundreds of dollars on getting the product into consumers hands, but, c'mon Pachter?

Pachter then went on to gloat about how the XBOX 360 will appeal to the mainstream audience with its uncluttered layout and Twitter integration. Ahem. Yes. We always thought the terribly titled "NXE" was a failed attempt at matching the XMB and Nintendo Channels system.

Pachter then suggested that the extra hardware required for the Playstation Motion Controller will raise its price. He did conclude however that both companies need to keep "the consumer's cost relatively low in order to achieve broad penetration."

We agree with his final point.