Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Will Hopefully Be The Blockbuster Game Sony Crave.

What released in 2007, eventually felt like a game from 2008 when Naughty Dog patched in trophies, drawing everyone into their Playstation 3 blockbuster. Worldwide, Naughty Dog have confirmed the game eventually went on to sell 2.5Million copies, and multiplayer designer Justin Richmond suggests that with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves they want to be "higher".

Ultimately though, community manager Arne Meyer said the growth of the franchise is more important:
"We’d love to grow the franchise - that’s the bottom line. No matter what you do it’s always very difficult to grow from one game to another. And that‘s what our milestone is. If we can do better than we did with the previous game then we’re set."</blockquote>

We think Uncharted 2 will certainly blast out of the gates. The Playstation 3 is in a stronger position now than in 2007, and the Uncharted franchise also seriously carries some weight these days.

Make sure you've got your preorders ready.