The Fans Still Think The PixelJunk Games Are Worthy Of Attention, Dylan!

On his Twitter page, company big-wig Dylan Cuthbert has expressed his displeasure with Sony's treatment of their upcoming PSP port of PSN title PixelJunk Monsters. He wrote:
I'm pretty annoyed that Sony Japan put Crystal Defenders PSP on their booth at TGS but wouldn't let us put Monsters Deluxe PSP on it!

yep, it's "because it's Square" but it sucks.. Japan still has a long way to go to support indies...

I think SCEJ has something against Monsters Deluxe, they've been very unresponsive about it, I doubt we're in the sony TGS catalog

Square's simply a lot bigger than us so Sony gives them priority.</blockquote>

We can understand the reason for his comments too - PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is a more important title for the Playstation brand and its quality.

However, Dylan can at least rest safe in the knowledge that here at PushSquare we awarded Monsters Deluxe a coveted 4/4 review score.