God Of War Collection Will Bring The Playstation 2's Finest Games To The PS3.

Way back in March we broke the news that Sony were planning to bundle copies of God Of War I and II as a preorder bonus for God Of War III. Given the overwhelming response for that particular bonus on our website, there's no doubt Sony were aware there was a massive demand for a re-release of two of Sony's best games. Hence why they've just announced God Of War Collection, an enhanced blu-ray featuring both original God Of War titles.

Now, we're aware the backlash will be two-fold: a) the Playstation 3 should play PS2 games in the first place and; b) if Sony were originally planning this as a preorder bonus why are they now charging for it. And Sony's answer is this, God Of War Collection will feature "reworked" 60FPS, 720p enhanced versions of both games. The pack will also include trophies. It'll retail at the lower price of $39.99, a steal for two games widely described as the pinnacle of last generation.

Bluepoint Games will be handling the port, the people behind the PSN exclusive Blast Factor. We're sure the Playstation 2's finest are in good, capable hands.

This is an amazing package that we're so excited for. Whether you're a first-timer or playing through for the eighth time, we're sure you'll find value here.