Home Will Continue To Grow Over The Coming Years.

People still base their experiences on Home by those initial few disappointing months, but it really has hit its stride in recent times.

A report via Andriasang.com continues to highlight the growth of Sony's Social Networking platform, listing a number of new features announced at CEDEC 2009. One new feature announced is the inclusion of a pet robot, which players can completely interact with. The robot can respond to emotion and carry out various instructions. It sounds like a lot of fun and we'd like to see how it can have an impact on the Home experience.

Also announced for Home at the event was synchronized media playback and a Home integrated version of the Playstation Store.

Sony were also showing off their motion controllers behind closed doors at the event. It seems like we'll have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show to find exactly what they were demoing. We can't wait.