250GB Playstation 3 Bundles Have Now Been Confirmed For The UK.

“Following the great success of the new, smaller, 120GB PS3, which sold over 1m units in its first three weeks on sale, the 250GB model has the same hardware specifications as the current model, but with greater storage space, to offer consumers even more choice,” the company said.</blockquote>

As detailed by EDGE magazine, the bundles will begin on October 1st and will include two platinum titles or inFamous. An Uncharted 2: Among Thieves bundle will then launch on October 16th, followed by Blu-ray movie pack containing Wolverine, The Dark Knight and a Blu-Ray remote on October 19.

The price actually sounds really competitive. If you're yet to get a Playstation 3 it would be worth your while to check these out.