Apparently The PSP Go Is Dead Before It Beings. Pfft.

Of course the price ($250, £229.99) is a talking point, but it seems most retailers are more concerned with the lack of being able to sell games for the system - what with PSPGo switching to digital downloads and all.
"Sony has decided to cut publishers and retailers for the software of the PSPgo and deal direct with developers, giving them a 70 per cent margin for any items sold on Sony PSN. I believe if they had lowered that to 50 or 60 per cent, and given the opportunity to online retailers, it would have enjoyed greater success and retailers would attempt to promote the console to the market."</blockquote>

It's ironic that retailers, who have made massive mark-ups at the expense of developers through the sale of used games, are now criticising Sony's practices of supporting the developer and consumer. We for one, are quite excited about the prospect of accessing all our games on the move, and whichever retailers want to scupper our opportunity to do that will lose a sale — after all, Amazon were only too happy to accept our PSPGo preorder.

With the PSPGo now under two weeks away, we concede we haven't seen any marketing for the system in our local game stores. Hopefully Sony can carry the marketing for the format themselves.