Michael Pachter Reckons There'll Be A New GTA Game Next Year!

This time he reckons that a new Grand Theft Auto game will launch in "calendar 2010". However, Pachter doesn't expect the game to launch before the end of the fiscal year (i.e. October 31st, 2010) noting, “While we still expect a GTA game in calendar 2010, it is not clear that the game will be released before the end of Take-Two’s fiscal year ending October 31."

Other analysts have been quick to put their thoughts on the line, with Anthony Gikas of Piper Jaffray hinting that he expects to see a new GTA in Fiscal 2011 — that's in the 12 months beginning November 1st, 2010 to you and me folks.

We don't expect to hear anything about a new GTA for a while. But you can be sure when some tid-bits do inevitably drop, it's going to be massive.