The MGS: Peace Walker Team Are Supposedly "Not Great Friends" With The MGS: Rising Team.

And it seems the actual teams within Kojima Productions are not getting on too great regarding the projects either. In an exclusive interview with GamePro, Hdeo Kojima stated that the two teams "are not good friends".

Kojima cited the greater resources that the Rising team are getting as the reason for all the office envy. "If you could imagine the PSP team looking at the Rising team," explained Kojima, "they have all the money and specs."

Surprisingly, Kojima was quite buoyant about the whole affair. "It's interesting for me to see the team members act in this way," laughed Kojima, "This was never before because it was always just one small team. Now we are much bigger."

We're assuming from Kojima's manner, that the envy is not going to develop into full on hatred. However, it seems the Rising vs. Peace Walker drama is set to continue.