Uncharted 2: Officially A Big Deal.

Aside from the PS3 Slim. And Modern Warfare 2. Still, if you're a PS3 owner, chances are you're practically gouging your eyes out over the prospect of playing the latest installment of Nate's adventure. With that in mind, perhaps you'd like to peruse the various bonuses you'll get for selling your soul (and your cash) to a particular retailer when preordering the game, courtesy of TheLostGamer.

  • Amazon.co.uk
    Pre-order from Amazon.co.uk, and you’ll receive a code that will allow you to instantly unlock the ‘Revenge’ attribute for the multiplayer portion of the game. Although available to other players after many hours of ranking up, you will get a headstart in being granted the ability to drop a live grenade upon your death – providing you with the chance of taking out any nearby attackers.
  • GAME
    GAME are offering the chance to pre-order a Special Edition version, contained within a tin. Within this, players will be given; Gold weapon skins for the Beretta and AK-47, 2 Post cards, a Playstation 3 theme, and multiplayer skins (which we presume are for characters).
  • HMV
    Ordering from HMV will grant you a code to unlock a ‘Currency Multiplier’ attribute for use during multiplayer. This will allow you to accumlate currency to unlock weapons and bonus attributes faster than other players.
  • Play.com
    Place a pre-order from Play.com and you’ll be guaranteed to receive a unique code granting you access the new Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta. This is due to run from 15th September to the 12th October (although dates may change). You’ll receive your code just before the Beta begins.</blockquote>

We're sure reading the above "bonuses" have restored your faith in thinking said preorder "incentives" are actually rather stupid. Because look at them. They're bloody dumb!