Gran Turismo PSP on Playstation Portable Blow-Out Preview.

We take a quick look at the game's main features ahead of its release next month.

  • A wealth of content. Gran Turismo PSP is set to be a big title, despite its portable nature. The game will cram over 800 cars and 35 tracks. Most of the tracks will be playable in reverse creating upwards of 70 variations for players to compete on.
  • 60FPS. Impressively for a portable title, Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi insisted that the game run at 60FPS. Essentially this is what gives the game the impression of running "smoothly", and is an extremely impressive feat for a portable title. For a racing game like Gran Turismo, smooth frame rate is probably more important than the actual graphics themselves. Needless to say, as a Gran Turismo game, the graphics are also amazing. The physics are based on the Playstation 3's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.
  • Size. Amazingly given Gran Turismo PSP's ambition, the game will fit on a single UMD and will take up approximately 1GB of space on the PSP Go. According to interviews with Yamauchi, this has been his biggest challenge. It remains to be seen just how big the final version of Gran Turismo PSP will end up, but anywhere around 1GB would be phenomenal.
  • Multiplayer. Multiplayer will be supported via the ad-hoc portion of the Playstation Portable, however, with Sony's adhoc Party application rumoured for release in the USA, it's possible those with Playstation 3's might get access to online multiplayer yet. Cars can also be traded via the adHoc settings.

Gran Turismo PSP launches worldwide on October 1st.