The Australian EB Games Doesn't Want Your Money If You're After A PSP Go.

The Australian branch of EB Games (that's the whole network of stores within the country) have decided not to stock the PSP Go. Kotaku have investigated the situation and found that with the system due to release next week Australia's stores are listing Sony's new portable as "discontinued". Before it's out. Yup.

Again the moaning comes down to the fact that retailers can't push software for the system.

Alas, EB's biggest competitors GAME and JB HiFi will be stocking the PSP Go.

Personally, we don't understand the mentality of not stocking a product. Let's say there are 5 people in Australia who want the PSP Go and they live near to an EB Games and a GAME. They all head to their EB Games to pick up a system next week only to find they're not being stocked. Naturally they walk up to the GAME and pick up the system there. Now let's pretend retailers only make $30AUD from selling the system — wouldn't that put EB's profits $150AUD down on their competition? If you factor in that one person takes up insurance for their new system, that's another $30AUD. Again, we're speculating with the profits and costs but you get our over-riding point. Why refuse to stock something people are going to inevitably want to buy — even if demand is low, selling 5 systems is surely better than none. Surely!?