Sony's Response To The BBC's Report Suggests They Are Less Than Impressed.

The system error, which has caused some instances of hardware failure in early 60GB Playstation 3s, is the subject of tonight's episode on the BBC.

In a seemingly furious response, Sony have documented an enormous 6-page response (which can be read over at GameInformer) damning the show's report and essentially handing the BBC with a "publish at your own peril" ultimatum.
"From the correspondence to date, I have serious concerns as to the accuracy of these allegations and the likely tone of the Watchdog report," wrote Ray Maguire, MD of Sony UK, in response to Watchdog's allegations.

"The information that you have provided suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of the technical issues and a mis-characterisation of SCEUK’s Out of Warranty repairs policy."</blockquote>

Ironically the BBC's report will be handled by Iain Lee, a freelance journalist who has been employed by Microsoft in the past. In this article for MSN's tech-site, Iain discusses the console wars. Make of it what you will.

Given the wording of Sony's letter to the BBC, expect law-suits to explode in the wake of this.