Look Everyone, It's Bobby Kotick. We're Not Saying Anymore For Fear Of Getting Sued.

Remember when he said he wanted to boycott the Playstation 3? Hell, it looks as though his long-term goal is to boycott all systems full-stop. As part of a 45-minute presentation at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco Kotick detailed plans to release an "untethered" version of his companies stagnating Guitar Hero franchise.
"I think what the untethered Guitar Hero does is equal the playing field a little more and give you some leverage with first parties when it comes to downloadable content and the business model," Kotick said.</blockquote>

The exec also told attendees to "expect many of our products to be playable independent of a console". He went on to detail Guitar Hero's integration into Facebook.

Just to conclude, Bobby Kotick, is planning to side-step consoles all together. The platforms which gave his company a basis.

Forget about the Playstation vs. XBOX vs. Wii console war folks, there is now a much greater foe. And it's Bobby Kotick.