A Round Up Of Some Of The PSP Go Accessories Available From Launch.

Surprisingly soon in fact; it'll be on store shelves this October 1st. The line will be labelled the PSP-N1000, so you'll need to be looking out for that mark in order to ensure your accessory is compatible. The accessories will be available in Gold packaging to distinguish them from alternative PSP content.

GamingBits have compiled a handy list of Amazon (USA) links to all the Sony accessories that will be available from October 1st.

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Sony PSP Go system - Black
Sony PSP Go system - White

Sony PSPgo Screen Protective Film (not included with PSPgo)
Sony PSPgo Cradle (not included with PSPgo)
Sony PSPgo Component AV Cable (not included with PSPgo)
Sony Memory Stick Micro (Mark2) Media (not included with PSPgo)
Sony In-ear headset (not included with PSPgo, compatible with previous PSP models as well)

Sony PSPgo USB Cable (USB A to multi-use connector) (included with PSPgo)
Sony PSPgo AC Adapter (included with the PSPgo)

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