Looks Like We're At Our New House Now. Hooray.

We're sorry about the most dreadful day you've probably all had without us. As you may know, we moved hosts earlier today. As far as we can see the move has gone pretty smoothly. We're still looking at a few things we need to fix, but we're working closely with our new hosts to solve that. If you do have any queries, or you have found something broken, you could be a big help by letting us know.

So what's actually happened?

Nothing your end. A lot our end. Basically, think of it like moving house. The whole of PushSquare was stored on one giant computer. Now it's stored on another one.

Why though?

Our old hosts were slow, unreliable and were trying to change the way we ran our site. Hopefully you should already notice a difference in response times on this new host.

Where are the images at the top of the page?

The only snag we've run into moving house is a script that allows us to make fancy thumbnails really quickly. We're working on a solution with our hosts right now.

So, back to normal now then?

Very much so. As soon as tonight we should have plenty of new content for you. The reason we've moved hosts is because our old one was causing too many headaches when we should have been writing. Now we've moved house, hopefully we'll spend 99.99% of our time writing, as opposed to on the phone.

You rock PushSquare.

We know.

Update @ 11:37GMT "thenextday" - So that didn't go well right. We were down all night. It's because of very technical things. But it looks like we're back working now. Now we can get one with stuff. Hooray.